What is a Cashier Station?

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A cashier is a person who processes monetary transactions. This can happen in a variety of settings, such as in a store or at a toll. A cashier station can, therefore, be referred to as a pay point. It is the area where a cashier performs her duties.

Since cashiers are employed by many types of businesses, the style of a cashier station can vary. There are, however, certain things commonly found at a cashier station, despite the design. These things include a cash register, a trash can, and a mat.

A cash register is likely the most important part of the cashier station. This is a machine that processes information and does calculations so the cashier does not have to do as much mental work. A cash register is often equipped with a reader that can scan barcodes on items and thereby determine the prices. This machine usually also does the adding, subtracting, and tells the cashier how much change to provide.

In many instances, the cash register is connected to a card reader. This device is also an essential part of the cashier station because it allows the worker to process non-cash payments. This includes payments from debit cards, credit cards, and gift cards.


Although it seems to be a simple item, a trash can is generally available at every cashier station. This is because such workers are often prohibited from leaving their work areas at will. However, they tend to deal with waste that would make the work area unruly if there was not a conveniently located place to dispose of it. Common cashier station waste includes receipt paper, coin and bill wrappers, and spools from used receipt rolls.

Some cashiers may have stools that allow them some relief. Many cashiers, however, are required to be on their feet for long periods of time. This can have adverse effects on the body, especially the joints. To help prevent this, cashier stations are usually equipped with some type of mat which acts as a shock absorber. This means that the mat puts a cushion between a hard floor and the cashier’s feet.

Usually a cashier station is enclosed to some degree. This means there is a barrier between the customers and the cashier. This can provide a measure of security. The barrier can also be for a functional purpose, such as to provide a counter for items being purchased.



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