What Is a Candy Bar Fundraiser?

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A candy bar fundraiser is a program through which an organization sells candy to various individuals and makes a profit based on a percentage of those sales. This is often used by schools and social groups as a way to make money to help fund activities and buy supplies. The amount of money made on a candy bar fundraiser can vary quite a bit, depending on the company used for the program and the amount of sales made. Many companies offer free shipping, allowing a group to have products shipped to them quickly and easily, which are then sold to customers.

Although different companies can be used to facilitate a candy bar fundraiser, the basic process is often the same for each one. A group, such as a school, contacts a company that produces candy for these fundraisers and makes an agreement to order a certain quantity of candy bars. Cases of candy are then provided to the group, either for an upfront payment or based on credit for the potential sales of the candy. These candies are then sold by students or members of the group to various people throughout the candy bar fundraiser, and the revenue generated is used to pay for the candy.


A certain amount of profits, however, are kept by the organization that sells the candy, based upon an agreement made with the company. Many companies, for example, provide groups with candy bars that can be sold for $1.00 US Dollars (USD). For each bar sold by members of the group, it gets to keep $0.50 USD, generating a basic 50% profit on each one sold. There are other rates that companies can provide during a candy bar fundraiser, allowing groups to make more than 60% profit on the sale of certain candies.

Many of these companies also have a sliding scale used to determine profits for a candy bar fundraiser, based upon the total number of units sold. As a group sells more candy, they can hit certain benchmarks that allow them to keep a higher percentage of sales. This can encourage members of the group to sell more, in order to keep more of the money sold, which generates greater profit for the company supplying the candy in the long run. Many of these companies provide free shipping of candy bars to groups, which allow them to get the candy quickly and easily. These fundraisers can last for several weeks or even a month, and can generate a great deal of revenue for an organization.



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