What Is a Business Information Report?

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A business information report is a type of document designed to provide the reader with essential information about a given company. The idea behind this type of report is to collect this relevant data into a single resource, typically arranging the data so that it is easy to read and assimilate the information provided. One of the more common examples of the business information report is provided by organizations that monitor the creditworthiness of businesses, allowing investors to investigate potential vendor partners before entering into any type of working relationship.

The range of detail included in a business information report will vary, based on the standards set by the organization that issues the document. There are several key pieces of information that are found in most reports of this type. This includes current contact information for the company, along with its chief officers and main business contacts. Data on the current financial status of the business is also typically included, allowing readers to have a good idea of how stable the business is in the current economic climate. It is not unusual for ratings on the credit status of the company to also be included. When the report is prepared by a consume watchdog agency, there is usually an overall rating of the business on a common scale, ranging from very poor to excellent.


Obtaining a business information report before doing business with any company is a good idea. The report will often provide a snapshot of how the company does in terms of keeping up with its commitments to current suppliers, and even how well the business manages customer relations. It is not unusual for business information reports to include data on complaints that have been registered about the business, along with details of how the company attempted to resolve those issues and restore the relationship with the affected customers. From this perspective, the reader can get an idea of what type of operational or financial issues the business is experiencing, as well as obtain some idea of the customer service and support that can reasonably be expected from that company.

Organizations that prepare business information reports sometimes offer more than one level of report. For example, a basic report may include an overview of the company with limited detail at no charge. More comprehensive reports may require some sort of fee, either as a one time charge or a recurring monthly fee that provides the ability to obtain multiple reports on a number of different types of businesses. Depending on the type of relationship the reader is considering with a given company, the basic business information report may contain enough detail to make the decision. If there are some questions remaining after reviewing the free report, ordering one of the more detailed reports may be necessary.



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