What Is a Business Evaluation Service?

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A business evaluation service is a type of consulting enterprise that aids companies in assessing the culture and structure of a business operation, usually with the goal of identifying strengths as well as possible weaknesses. This type of activity may occur at the request of the business owners as a strategy for adapting the operation to meet current or upcoming financial challenges in a changing economy. Potential buyers may also engage business evaluation services to assess the potential of a company prior to making a final decision about moving forward with the purchase or acquisition.

The scope of support services that are offered by a business evaluation service will vary. Some focus solely on financial aspects of the company operation, with special attention to the accounting processes used, as well as the strategies used in supply chain management. Others will also look closely at factors like the organizational structure of the company, the flow of the manufacturing process, and even the condition and age of the equipment used in the business operation. A business evaluation service may also focus on the products produced and the potential of marketing those products in new niche markets as a means of increasing revenue for the company.


Another type of business evaluation service that is commonly used today is the hiring of mystery shoppers to clandestinely assess the quality of service and compliance with company standards that are exhibited at a specific outlet of the business. For example, a restaurant chain may send mystery shoppers into its restaurants in order to obtain feedback on the general quality of the food served, determine if the presentation of that food is within company standards, and even how well servers and others in the restaurant follow customer service protocols. It is not unusual for the shoppers to also report on factors such as the cleanliness of restrooms within the facility, the general deportment and attitude of employees and in general what type of atmosphere customers are likely to experience.

The idea behind a business evaluation service is to collect data that can be used to improve the overall condition of a company. Whether requested by a prospective owner who wants to make sure the business is viable or current owners who want to determine what improvements, if any, would aid in helping the business to grow, services of this type provide a valuable service at what are usually very reasonable rates. When the evaluation is thorough, the feedback that is received can make a huge difference in the future prospects of the company.



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