What is a Business Blog?

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A business blog is a special type of website run by a corporation. Blogs are places where information, news and commentary can be posted using a special web interface that allows for simple and easy updating of information. Entries to a blog are generally displayed in chronological order and work on blogging software such as that provided by WordPress or other companies that use CSS coding language to allow for an individual with little knowledge of web coding to update the site. A business blog may be a standalone website or part of an existing corporate website.

Blogging has become a popular medium of communicating information on the Internet due to the ease of updating. A business blog takes advantage of this mechanism of communication, allowing a business to provide up-to-date information to customers about the business activities occurring. A business blog commonly provides news of new products, updates of pertinent facts within the industry, or tips on how to use the product the company creates.

Many large companies run business blogs. Google, for example, has a blog that updates interested parties of new releases and updates to Google software. The company posts when it makes a change to one of its popular applications, or when it has other news it wants to share about what is going on at Google headquarters. Followers can read the blog to stay up to date.


A blog can be a great marketing tool for a business. They are frequently updated so they can help a site rise in the page rank created by search engines, which in part looks at how much fresh content is made available. The blogs can also help generate brand loyalty by allowing customers to feel as if they are a part of the company or as if they know the company, and can help to foster excitement about a new product offering.

One of the other advantages of a blog is that customers can subscribe to be notified when updates occur. RSS technology allows readers to have new posts from a business blog sent to a special list of reading material, called a "reader" that they can use to access all sorts of information they are interested in reading. Blog updates can also be sent to a user's email address, updating him on new blog posts as they are uploaded.



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