What Is a Brick Fundraiser?

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A brick fundraiser commemorates donors with personalized bricks usually set in a wall, walkway, or similar structure. People are asked to “buy” bricks with their donations and receive formal recognition in the form of a permanent monument when these bricks are engraved. This approach can be useful for a wide range of fundraising activities, particularly those involving attempts to raise money to build new structures or upgrade facilities. The bricks become part of the permanent legacy, providing information about who contributed to the project.

Organizations that use this approach set a base donation people can pay to participate in the brick fundraiser. People can offer more than the suggested donation if they want to, and may be able to buy more than one brick. Some organizations use different sizes to commemorate donations at different scales. Donors submit customization messages, like a name and a short dedication, which are reviewed before sending them out to a manufacturer for processing. This is typically done in batches of bricks because doing them one at a time may not be cost effective.


Sometimes the brick fundraiser may require waiting for a certain number of donors before starting construction. Unmet donations can be filled with blank bricks which may later be swapped out. The organization could also start with all blank bricks and change them over time as people donate. A central plaque may provide information about the fundraiser, including how to contact the organization to donate. Specific placement of bricks usually cannot be dictated by donors.

This can be a useful tool for funding a variety of activities. The brick fundraiser may appeal both to philanthropic individuals and to companies interested in public relations opportunities. Having a company name associated with charitable endeavors can increase positive associations with a business. This may lead to an increase in customer numbers as people think of the company when they’re considering sources for products and services.

Keeping materials straight for a brick fundraiser can be challenging. It is important to keep detailed logs on donations and inscriptions, because donors can become unhappy if they feel like it takes too long for their bricks to be placed, or if something is spelled wrong. Disgruntled donors may be reluctant to contribute in the future and could also dissuade friends and family from making contributions. Activities like sending out mailings to update people on progress or delivering cards when bricks are placed can help donors feel like they are valued by the parent organization.



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