What is a Brake Warranty?

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A brake warranty seldom includes the actual brake material. The workmanship of the brake job, as well as the steel clips, springs and brake shoe backing plates, are typically covered under a brake warranty. By the very nature of the braking method performed by brake pads and shoes, the brake warranty can not be extended to the friction components. This component is intended to be worn away, thereby preventing wear to the brake rotor or drum.

Brakes require seasoning or tempering when they are new. This requires bringing the brake up to temperature and then cooling in a precise manner. If this is not done correctly, the result will be brake pads that wear prematurely. With no control over the vehicle once it leaves the repair shop, the friction material is not covered on a brake warranty. Individual driving habits also create early wear on brake pads.

Many people drive a vehicle with a foot on the brake pedal. This is commonly referred to as riding the brake. The damage done to brake pads by this habit is tremendous. This practice generates excessive heat in the braking components, warping brake rotors and wearing brake pads at an increased rate. Some other drivers will speed up to an intersection and slam the brakes hard, stopping the vehicle in a very short distance. This wears brake components at a very alarming rate and is also a reason that the materials are not covered in a brake warranty.


When having brakes serviced and replaced on any vehicle, it is always wise for individuals to ask the mechanic to go over the brake warranty. This will avoid confusion in the future should a problem with the brakes arise. Many vehicles have several options in brake materials. Often, the higher-cost brake products will offer a much better brake warranty than the less expensive options. For some car owners, it is cost-effective to choose a more expensive product in order to gain a much more inclusive brake warranty.

A warranty is only as good as the issuing agent. Car owners choosing to have service completed on any brake system should research the business that will complete the service. Asking for references and licenses may save future troubles by establishing the professionalism and experience of the service provider at the time of or prior to service. Drivers should also be cautious when first using the brakes after any servicing. Air can become trapped in the lines and fail to engage the brakes on the first application of the pedal.



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