What Is a Boot Camp Workout?

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A boot camp workout is an exercise that focuses on hard, fast routines to improve the body’s performance quickly. It typically switches between several different types of exercise moves rapidly and can be completed with or without equipment. These types of workouts can be done alone or in groups, and are often found in DVD format for easy exercise in the home.

The boot camp workout is based on exercises done by the military in boot camp, where recruits are typically pushed as hard as possible to get into shape quickly. Unlike other types of workout routines that tend to move slowly and allow a person to build up endurance and strength, these workouts aim to push a person past his or her capabilities. The routines are typically fast-paced, difficult, and strenuous. It is estimated that an hour of a boot camp workout can burn as many as 600 calories depending on the person.

This type of workout moves very quickly through a variety of different moves. Jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups are common, as are running-in-place and strengthening moves. In most routines, only a couple of minutes are spent on each move, although there is no downtime between them. This helps to not only keep the heart rate up and work the entire body at the same time, but it also eliminates a lot of boredom that is often associated with slower, longer routines.


In its basic form, a boot camp workout is done using only the body and its weight for cardiovascular and strength training. This makes it one of the easiest exercise routines in terms of getting prepared and also one of the most inexpensive. The only thing that is need is a quality pair of exercise shoes, as the boot camp workout tends to involve a lot of jumping and movement that can be hard on the feet.

The premise of the boot camp workout can also be performed utilizing equipment. In many cases, hand weights, resistance bands, and steps are incorporated into the routine. This style of exercise can also be completed on a variety of different large exercise machines, including ellipticals, stationary bikes, and even treadmills.

Due to the popularity of the boot camp workout, several workout videos are available so that people can do the exercises privately. Many workout routines are also available over the Internet, often times for free. For those who prefer a group environment, numerous fitness gyms offer boot camp workout classes. In larger metropolitan areas, trainers often meet with groups a few times a week in a local park for exercising outdoors.



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