What is a Body Massager?

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A body massager is a tool that is used to help ease muscle tension during a massage. It may be made of wood, plastic, or even stone and is usually made to fit easily into the palm of the hand. Since it is common in massage therapy to use a body massager with an emollient such as lotion or oil, it is common for these tools to be made from easily washable materials. A body massager may be used by a professional massage therapist during spa treatments or at home.

One of the benefits of using this kind of tool is that a good deal of pressure can be applied to aching and knotted muscles without causing pain in the fingers. With pressure from the arm and hand directed into the body massager, the tool does most of the work that is required of the fingers in more traditional massage techniques. For this reason, some massage therapists use these tools when working on clients who require a great deal of pressure during their massages.

There are a number of different kinds of massagers on the market. Some are intended for specific areas of the body such as the back, the neck, the head, and even the legs. Others are designed for use all over the body. There is also quite a range in price. Some are priced for budget shoppers and others are sold as part of lines of luxury personal care items.


There are some personal care companies that carry an electric or battery-operated body massager in their product lines. These massagers are usually intended for individual use at home. The benefit of these is that the tool does all of the work and does not require the user to apply much pressure. They are usually made of some kind of plastic or similar synthetic material and vibrate.

The vibration delivered by an electric or battery-operated body massager can help relieve sore or aching muscles. In effect, the vibration does what the hands of a massage therapist do. By rubbing and moving the muscles in the body, the massager helps to ease and relieve tension.

One of the best ways to choose a body massager is to review available products online. Customer reviews can be very helpful in this kind of search. Also, finding a trusted personal care company within one's price range is a great way to find tools and products for all kinds of personal needs.



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