What is a Blood Pressure Log?

A blood pressure log is a type of chart or journal used to record a person's blood pressure numbers at various times throughout the day. Similar to a blood pressure tracker, it is a way for individuals to keep track of their blood pressure readings over a period of time. Although mostly used by individuals who suffer from hypertension, a blood pressure log can be useful for any person and his physician who may suspect the onset of high blood pressure.

In many cases, a doctor will want to monitor the blood pressure (BP) of his patient during various times throughout the day, or under various conditions. This may give the physician a more accurate idea of the patient's average blood pressure. This is why a blood pressure log is helpful for both the patient and the physician when diagnosing potential health concerns.

A one-time BP reading that is unusually high may not be an accurate representation of a person's average blood pressure. The reading may be high due to factors such as stress or physical activity. Therefore, if the patient is suspected of having high blood pressure, it is best to take readings several times throughout the day, over a course of several days or weeks to determine if there is an ongoing issue with hypertension.

In assembling a blood pressure log, the patient may keep a journal of the time of day he took his blood pressure and the numbers or readings the test showed. He will write this information down on his chart or log along with comments or notes. For instance, if the patient took his blood pressure in the evening and he was feeling very tired that night, his log might read the time of the reading and, in the comments section of the blood pressure log, he might write that he was feeling tired.

Blood pressure readings can be affected by various factors other than age or whether the individual smokes and drinks. Physical or emotional stress and physical exertion may make cause a temporary rise in blood pressure. By adding notes to a blood pressure log, the physician will be able to assess the actual cause of elevation in blood pressure. He can then determine if the patient needs to control his blood pressure through medication or modification of diet.

For individuals who are concerned and wish to monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis, constructing a blood pressure log can be easy to do. Keeping an account of essential information can be done with a notebook or other type of journal. Alternately, searching the Internet may provide a simple way to print a blood pressure log from home. Online charts may also indicate normal systolic and diastolic readings and which numbers classify hypertension or pre-hypertension conditions.


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