What Is a Bespoke Conservatory?

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A conservatory, or sunroom, is a room in a residential structure. These rooms are characterized by large window areas on the walls and ceiling that allow natural light to flood the space. Inspired by traditional Victorian architecture and design, the conservatory has once again become a popular addition for homeowners. Many buyers choose a custom, or bespoke conservatory built to order based on the specifications of the homeowner. A bespoke conservatory allows the homeowner to design the room exactly to his needs, and often requires the assistance of a professional builder or contractor.

The conservatory may serve many functions in the home. Throughout history, it acted as a greenhouse so that occupants could grow plants or produce year round. These rooms may also house a piano or other musical instrument. Others use the space for entertaining, or as a simple sitting area. The conservatory also provides a popular spot for dining, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor views in all types of weather conditions.


While a standard conservatory may be modified to fulfill many of these functions, a bespoke conservatory is made to order based on how the owner will use the space. This means that families who wish to cultivate a large indoor garden can have the conservatory built for this purpose. Others may have the space designed to act as a workout room, or to allow children to play safely. Designing a bespoke conservatory helps homeowners get the most from this space, and ensures it will meet the needs of the entire family.

A bespoke conservatory also meets the owner's exact specifications in terms of aesthetic appeal. Some buyers may choose a historic design, such as those inspired by Victorian conservatories. Others may prefer a modern approach, with sleek lines and the latest materials. Building a bespoke conservatory also means the buyer can choose the best layout to maximize views while maintaining a high level of privacy. Buyers also specify all materials, finishes, and colors used to complete these rooms.

While the bespoke conservatory offers many advantages, it may not be the right choice for all homeowners. These rooms are highly customizable, which can make a house stand out. A room that's too customized might make it difficult to attract buyers when the house is up for sale. Conservatories that are built to order also cost more than standard room designs, and typically take much longer to build and finish than a more basic room design.



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