What is a Beer of the Month Club?

Every beer connoisseur knows that in order to sample the very best of the thousands of types of beer in existence, you would have to spend a great deal of time traveling the world. That is why many beer lovers choose to join a beer of the month club. This club is designed to bring a sample of different beers from all over the world right to your door step.

The best beer is not manufactured by large brewing companies, but rather by small microbreweries that pay special attention and care to each batch of beer that they brew. For this reason, most microbreweries are not able to mass produce these special beers or to market them to a large consumer market. A beer of the month club specializes in finding these small breweries scattered across the globe and making their beer available to its members.

Depending on the particular club, members can choose which regions or countries they prefer to sample beer from. Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium are known for their ability to produce excellent beer. The United States also has many breweries scattered throughout the country. Still other countries not famous for brewing beer have many good brews to offer. Some members may wish to sample only U.S. beer, while others prefer to be more worldly and let the club decide where their next samples come from.

A beer of the month club usually delivers its members nine to 24 beers per month depending on the selected membership package. Members are often allowed to choose how many different varieties they receive in the month’s sample. Usually, the club sends at least three of one particular style of beer. A membership usually also includes information about the beer or its brewery, newsletters, and other extras.


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