What is a Bed Desk?

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Are you someone who likes to read hardback books in bed? Work on your laptop or write? If you find it inconvenient to hold heavy books in bed, finagle your laptop into a comfortable position, or are tired of resting a writing tablet on raised knees, a bed desk might be just what you need.

A bed desk is a small portable table top with short legs that fit on either side of your lap. Similar to a breakfast tray in design, the bed desk is smaller, more manageable, and has a slanted top for easy viewing in a semi-reclined position. It may be permanently set at an angle or adjustable to accommodate any angle, including the ability to lie flat. This type of design is more flexible for laptop use.

There is usually a lip at the bottom of the desktop for holding an open book, writing pad, laptop or pen. The sides of the bed desk may have cubbyholes for storing paperwork, letters, magazines, CDs or other materials. Most bed desks are made from natural wood such as pine, walnut, birch, beechwood and cherry. A bed desk is also called a bed tray, and some models are designed to collapse flat for easy storage.


With a bed desk, you can work, read or write for longer periods of time without getting fatigued. If the top of the desk can lie flat, it can also double as a couch or chair desk. Use it with your laptop while sitting on the sofa or in your favorite recliner and watch TV while you surf the Net. This avoids resting the laptop directly on your legs —- something many health experts warn against due to the radiation a computer emits. You can also use the bed desk in the kitchen for propping up a cookbook!

A bed desk is the perfect companion for those who like to work in bed. It's also handy for anyone who must spend an extended time in bed, perhaps recuperating from an accident or injury, making it a great get-well gift. You can find affordable bed desks online, at department stores and bed and bath shops.



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