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A Balance Bar® is a high-energy nutritional bar. It can be consumed as a snack or a meal replacement bar and comes in various flavor varieties. The name of Balance Bar® most likely originates from the essential nutrients incorporated into this bar, making it nutritionally complete and balanced. It is made from natural ingredients with no added or artificial sweeteners. It lists no preservatives, so it is a bar that appeals to health conscious individuals.

This energy bar can be used as a meal replacement because of its balance of nutrition in every bar. It is created to blend the right combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fat needed for sustained energy. The vitamins and minerals make it properly balanced to ensure nutrition is adequate as a breakfast replacement or for lunch. In between meals, it is meant to provide long-lasting energy and help with endurance.

Many athletes prefer to take along a Balance Bar® when they go on bike rides or runs. Hikers also take a Balance Bar® while walking or hiking. Its compact size and individual wrapping makes it easy to place into a pocket or backpack.


Ingredients such as almonds and other nuts are typically found in a Balance Bar® and many are flavored with chocolate as well. Peanut butter is a popular flavor and best seller among consumers of this brand. Soy is another ingredient that can commonly be found in these nutritional bars. Commonly, each Balance Bar® may contain up to 22 essential vitamins and minerals. carbohydrates and protein make this energy bar a choice for those who exercise regularly and need to replenish crucial nutrients that may have been lost.

Supermarkets and other food stores typically sell these bars individually. Health food and nutritional stores also sell Balance Bars® in packages of six or more. Some stores also carry the multi-pack of 12 bars.

The Balance Bar® company claims to have been one of the first to emerge on the market with this type of nutritional energy or meal supplement bar. They began to produce this energy bar in the early 1990s. Balance Bar® is a company from the United States, with founders from the southern California region. The company is based in Carpinteria, California.

In the late 1990s the company had sales of $81.7 million United States Dollars (USD). This company had approximately 80 employees by 1998. Ten years later that number had grown considerably.



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