What Information do I Need to Include on Government Grant Applications?

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The process for completing government grant applications starts well before an organization or individual begins filling out any documents. Whatever government is being applied to for a grant, the grantor will expect the applicant to have carefully researched the options, and know which are the most appropriate federal government grants to applying for. If the applicant does not match minimum eligibility requirements for any given grant opportunity, it should not apply for the grant.

Once the appropriate grant opportunity has been found, the interested party will likely be required to complete a several page application. This application usually consists of a set of general questions, questions about the organization, and questions pertaining to why the organization is in need of a federal government grant. The applicant will usually begin each application by filling out the name of the organization, the tax identification or other government assigned number, and contact information.

In addition to general contact information, the applicant will usually be required to provide contact information for the person or persons most knowledgeable about the application. The person or persons must be available to answer any questions or hold discussions about the grant. The grant application may also have a section for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of board members, and resumes and job descriptions of key personnel.


The amount of government grant funds being requested must usually be included in the application as well. In many cases, this figure will not represent the total cost of the program for which the grant is requested. Many organizations seek out federal government grants for only a portion of project or operating costs. The application will also likely contain a section for the project budget or operating costs, operating summary, and project description.

Typically, all government grant applications require a signature and certification. The signature must be the signature of an individual in the business or organization that has legal authority to bind the organization to a grant contract. This individual may also be required have the legal authority to sign certifications regarding drug-free workplace requirements and other responsibility issues.

In most cases, government grant applications are free to fill out. Free government grant applications can be found online through most official government websites. Online applications are the preferred method of delivery for most government agencies, but some federal government agencies may provide a paper application by mail or an application in portable document format (PDF) file that may be printed and mailed.

Federal government agencies receive thousands of grant applications each year. To help reduce long response times, these agencies usually will not process late or incomplete applications. Incomplete applications may be returned with or without comment.



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