What Factors Affect the Price of Antivirus Software?

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Antivirus software of all types, ranging from malware and spyware solutions to full-blown virus protection, are readily available today. Many can be purchased and downloaded from web sites, while others can be purchased from local stores and installed using a CD-R. Since the prices of these products can range from free to quite costly, it is important to realize that several factors may affect the price of antivirus software. Some of those factors include the range of protections offered, the level of customer support that comes with the product, the cost of renewing licenses for the software, and even how frequently updates to the product are provided.

One of the more prominent factors that has some effect on the price of antivirus software is the range of protection features provided in the software itself. It is not unusual for many computer security packages to offer different levels of protection that also happen to be available at different price ranges. For example, one version of a particular antivirus program may offer basic protections at no cost whatsoever, while a slightly more robust package offers additional protections that are likely to be appropriate for a home user. From there, a more expensive package including protections ideal for a business setting may also be available. With the higher price tag comes greater levels of protection, making the extra cost worthwhile to many consumers.


At times, ancillary and support services offered along with the virus protection may have some effect on the price of antivirus software. If the purchase also entitles the buyer to a certain number of hours with a customer service and support team, the purchase price is likely to be a little higher. The idea is that by providing this additional service and support, users can have access to professional help in the event there is a malfunction of the software.

The cost of renewing the license to use the software is also often a factor when it comes to the price of antivirus software. Some providers charge a lower rate if the customer chooses to secure the software for a longer period of time. For example, a customer going with a two-year term rather than a single year may receive some sort of discount off the standard pricing as a reward.

Even the frequency of the updates to the protection may have some impact on the price of antivirus software. Products with unlimited updates may cost a little more, but offer the benefit of installing new protections as soon as they are released. Products that only allow so many updates per 24-hour period may cost less, but also run the risk of providing a new virus with a small window of opportunity to get past the older protections and infect a system before the new fix is installed.



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