What Factors Affect the Cost of Dentures?

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Several factors affect the cost of dentures, including what the total treatment package consists of, the type of materials used, how many appointments the dentist takes with an individual, where the dentist in located and whether insurance pays for all or a portion of the dentures. When it comes to material and labor costs, many people find that there is no middle ground. Some dentists will take their time with patients and use exceptional materials, and other dentists might be more interested in seeing as many patients as possible and saving money on materials.

One of the main costs of dentures is what an individual’s treatment plan involves. When tooth extractions or other extras are needed, the cost of the procedure usually increases. If a patient needs only a set of dentures, less work and time are involved, so the dentist usually charges less. When getting any form of dental treatment such as dentures, an individual should get a written quote so that he or she knows exactly how much his or her procedure will cost.

Dentures usually are made with various types of acrylic. They range from very strong shatter-resistant dentures to rather weak dentures. The stronger the acrylic and the more care taken to construct the dentures, the more expensive the dentures are likely to be. Asking many questions of the dentist might help an individual ensure that he or she is getting the best type of dentures for his or her budget.


The more time a dentist spends with a patient, the more money the patient will be charged for services. This cost typically is included in the cost of dentures. Quality time spent with the dentist will help an individual get the best possible care and the best information about his or her dentures.

Location also plays a big role in the cost of dentures. In some areas, dentures will be less expensive than in other areas. This is sometimes related to the standard wages and cost of living in the area, as opposed to the quality of the dentures. If an individual is in a new or unfamiliar area, he or she should shop around and get a general idea for the cost of dentures in that area.

Some people might have dental insurance or some form of government dental assistance to help pay for the cost of dentures. When using these forms of payment, an individual should ensure that he or she knows exactly which costs are covered and which ones are not. Learning what paperwork and other procedures are necessary to get assistance is important as well.



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