What Factors Affect the Cost of a Hospital Bed?

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The cost of a hospital bed can depend on the features a patient needs, such as a specialized mattress or full adjustability to address a specific condition. Rates from individual manufacturers can also be highly variable, and buyers may want to consider issues like long-term maintenance expenses, warranties, and other factors that might play a role in a purchase or rental decision. Those buying beds with benefits from insurance or government assistance programs may need to have a medical note documenting the necessity for the bed, describing the specific features they need.

Hospital beds typically have adjustable frames to at the very least allow the patient to lower and elevate the head of the bed. Additional panels in the frame may allow for movements of other parts of the bed as well. Side rails can help keep patients stabilized, and there may be attachment points for traction devices for patients who need them. In addition, the bed can have an electric control panel for adjustments as well as the control of attached lights and other devices.

More features can increase the cost of a hospital bed. Motors to raise and lower components of the bed add to the expense in contrast with hand cranks, and beds with features like built-in lights, monitoring equipment, and outlets are also more costly. The cost of a hospital bed can also increase if it is designed for overweight patients, because they need reinforced construction to keep them secure in bed.


The mattress is another factor in the cost of a hospital bed. A special mattress may be needed so the bed can be adjusted safely, and patients may also need specialized mattress to distribute pressure, prevent sores, and help them rotate in bed more easily. Patients who need specific features in a mattress may need to pay more for a hospital bed in order to sleep safely and comfortably. In other cases, it may be possible to use a standard mattress with a topper for increased comfort.

Sometimes it is possible to get a discount on the cost of a hospital bed by purchasing an older model. Companies routinely release new models and may cut prices to get older beds out of stock, something patients may want to consider while shopping. Rental is also an option for people who have a temporary need. Sometimes a lease-purchase arrangement is possible; each leasing payment can be applied to buying the bed if the patient still needs it at the end of the rental term.



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