What Factors Affect Sperm Quality?

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The quality of sperm in men is governed by a number of lifestyle factors that can be regularly kept under control to ensure healthy male fertility. These factors include diet, exercise and weight loss, types of clothing, heat from laptop computers and pools, and bike seats. Reducing overall stress may also play a role in improving sperm quality through physical activity and meditation exercises. The quality of the sperm is important in making sure it can move and fertilize an egg.

Without the proper nutrients, namely vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium, sperm cannot become strong and motile, which are necessary traits for conception. Sperm that is motile can move well on its own, an important factor for conceiving, as the sperm has to move to the egg for fertilization. Vitamins E and C, as well as selenium, act as powerful antioxidants that help strengthen the production and function of sperm. Eating a diet high in vegetables and fruits will ensure adequate intake of vitamins A and C, whereas eating a serving of raw nuts or seeds will supply a good amount of vitamin E and selenium.


Losing extra weight can also improve the function of sperm, as extra fat in the body can decrease the functions of various sex hormones within the human body. Other lifestyle factors, such as exercise, can increase the production of testosterone, leading to an increased sperm quality. Overdoing exercise can actually reverse these benefits, as it promotes too much stress on the body. Relieving this stress through meditation, prayer or sleep is a helpful tool, and has also been shown to increase fertility in some men.

Smoking tobacco and marijuana also affects sperm quality, as does the use of recreational drugs like steroids or cocaine. It is often suggested that men who want to improve their sperm quality should avoid spending a long time in hot environments such as hot tubs or baths. These can increase scrotum temperature, causing a decrease in overall sperm quality and fertility. Avoiding long exercise durations on an exercise bike may also be helpful, as bike seats place too much tension on the scrotum and can increase scrotum temperature. Keeping a laptop computer on the lap can also increase the temperature of the scrotum, and researchers from the State University of New York at Stony Brook have found it can risk fertility issues later on in life.



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