What Factors Affect Insurance Customer Satisfaction?

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Increasing insurance customer satisfaction requires providers to pay attention to a few factors that consumers consider important. For example, customers tend to rate providers based on the price of the policy, because most people want the lowest prices possible. They also tend to want good coverage, though, which is why most customers also consider whether the policy meets their needs before they commit to it. Consumers also typically choose a company that makes it easy to contact customer service representatives, leading insurance customer satisfaction also to rely on the quality of interaction with agents.

One of the most basic factors of insurance customer satisfaction is the availability of good discounts. Customers often look for ways to save money without sacrificing quality, and they usually do so by comparing rates before choosing a provider. In many cases, the company that offers a wide selection of discounts is the one consumers will choose most often. Of course, customers often take quality into consideration, too, but they tend not to choose policies they cannot afford, making price a major factor in insurance customer satisfaction. The ease of obtaining and comparing price quotes means customers will likely switch providers if they think they can get a better deal elsewhere, so insurance companies are urged to pay attention to this factor.


Most customers realize they need a certain amount of coverage to pay for health care, emergencies or damage to personal property, which is why they often take the quality of the policy into consideration. Consumers frequently appreciate providers that offer a wide variety of policies to suit their needs, so the company with the most selection has an advantage. In addition, many customers try to benefit from multi-line insurance discounts by keeping all or most of their policies with the same company. Providers that offer several types of policies are often preferred over those that focus on one type of insurance.

Customer service is another major component of insurance customer satisfaction. Most people like the ability to contact their agent easily, so a direct line is often preferred, because this allows them to get in touch quickly to ask questions or file a claim. This also often makes it easy for customers to change their policy or get a new one, because having the contact information of their agent means such tasks are only a phone call away. In addition, those who have a good relationship with their agent tend to have the highest insurance customer satisfaction, so the attitude and accessibility of agents seems to matter.



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