What Factors Affect Car Customer Satisfaction?

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Buying a new or used car from a dealer may seem like a daunting task for many customers. Often it's difficult to make a decision because of the large variety of vehicles and subtle differences between models. Understanding the factors that create car customer satisfaction is a way for dealers to operate more efficiently and provide overall better service. Those factors include a providing a comfortable atmosphere, having helpful employees, delivering good service and selling quality vehicles.

Perhaps the first factor that plays a part in car customer satisfaction is the atmosphere of the dealership. If the setting has an inviting atmosphere with friendly faces, then it's likely to produce happy customers. The opposite environment, with an uncomfortable atmosphere and unfriendly faces, is likely to create a negative experience, resulting in dissatisfied customers. In addition, having a clean, organized showroom or lot conveys a message of professionalism that should attract customers.

Having helpful employees who are quick to answer questions and provide expert advice is another aspect of achieving car customer satisfaction. On the opposite end of the spectrum, standoffish or overly pushy employees can quickly turn customers off and prevent sales. That's why it's usually best to have a knowledgeable staff on hand at all time to assist customers. It's also important to not place too much pressure on customers while they are shopping.


Good service is a must for almost all businesses to succeed, and the car industry is no exception. People naturally want to be treated with respect and have their needs met. This is particularly true when customers spend thousands of dollars on a single purchase. Typically, things like honesty, being readily available to answer questions and common courtesy go a long way in the vehicle industry. This is especially important for establishing a positive long term reputation and achieving customer loyalty.

An additional important factor is providing quality vehicles. A car dealership is unlikely to thrive or be in business for very long if it consistently sells lemons. This is even more true in the modern information age where customers can leave online reviews about a business. If a dealership has poor products, then people will find out in time.

That's why car customer satisfaction is heavily reliant upon providing quality products on a consistent basis. Once several satisfied customers spread the good word about an establishment, it's likely to bring in more business. Over time, this can create a solid customer base.



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Post 3

When I buy a car I want to know that the dealer is going to stand behind the vehicle. Even new cars, break down or have a part go bad from time to time. I don't expect the car to be perfect, but I want to know that the dealer is going to make things right and see that I am not left stranded.

I think all dealers should provide loner cars at no charge when you have bought a car from them. That's one way to improve customer satisfaction.

Post 2

I hate going to look at cars and all the salespeople are busy with other customers, or they just don't want to be bothered to leave their desks and show me around. Even when I am only looking, I want to have someone there so I can ask questions and find out more about the different cars.

After all, the number and types of cars they have can be so large and so different that you need someone to help you make a decision. Definitely for me, the most important part of customer satisfaction when I am buying a car is a salesperson who can answer my questions.

Post 1

The first paragraph of this article talks about how difficult it can be to decide on which new vehicle you want to purchase when you have so many to choose from once you get on a car lot. I think the way to get rid of some of the indecision is to set a hard budget before you start looking for a car.

Check your finances decide what you can afford and stick to it. This way you will eliminate many of the cars on the lot simply because of price. Of course, if money is not an issue then this doesn't help, and I wish I was in your shoes.

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