What Factors Affect Alprazolam Dosage?

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Physicians may take many issues into consideration when determining an appropriate alprazolam dosage. Factors such as age and general health may play a major role in choosing a sufficient dosage. Current medications also may be important, as some could cause harmful drug interactions.

Alprazolam can be an effective treatment for a number of problems, and dosages may depend on the patient’s medical issue. For example, the dosage is frequently low when patients use the drug for general anxiety. The alprazolam dosage may be much larger for patients with panic disorders. Although the problem being treated is far from the only consideration when choosing an appropriate dosage, it is an important factor.

Regardless of the problem being treated, doctors generally prescribe a low alprazolam dosage, altering the amount only after observation of the drug’s effect on the individual. Starting with a low dose may reduce the risk of unwanted side effects and ensure the medication’s effectiveness for an individual patient. Doctors often recommend that patients gradually decrease the dosage when discontinuing the use of alprazolam.

It is important for people to let a doctor or pharmacist know if they take other medications. Alprazolam often causes drowsiness, and taking other medications that cause sleepiness may compound the effect. A patient should always give his or her physician a complete list of current medications to avoid dangerous drug interactions. The list should include birth control, vitamins, and nutritional supplements as well as prescribed and over-the-counter medications.


Age is a significant concern when determining an alprazolam dosage. Elderly recipients of the drug may be more prone to negative side effects because they usually have a heightened sensitivity to benzodiazepines. Although current health issues and serious medical conditions are important considerations for people of all ages, older people may be more likely to have preexisting medical conditions that could lessen the effectiveness of alprazolam.

The medication is generally available only by prescription. People should always follow a doctor’s directions when taking it. Patients should not try to alter their dosages without the express instruction of a health care professional because taking a higher dosage of the drug can be dangerous. If a person’s current dosage is not adequate, he or she should contact a health provider.

Medical professionals recommend that patients take the drug in the smallest dosage possible because alprazolam has been associated with dependence and addiction. Doctors often will prescribe a small initial dosage to patients to lower the risk of addiction. In some cases, a low alprazolam dosage is sufficient and no further adjustments occur.



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