What does an SEO Content Writer do?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of writing content about a subject that is intended to be as high up as possible when someone types that subject into a search engine. An SEO content writer is someone who specializes in writing articles, blogs, or other types of text-based web content that use the various techniques and methods intended to incorporate SEO into the writing to allow the content to be more easily found by web search engines. This process typically involves determining keywords or phrases and using them repeatedly throughout an article. When someone types that keyword into a search engine, the engine will find the article that was written and place it high up on the results page.

The use of an SEO content writer is typically required by businesses and websites that wish to draw as much Internet traffic as possible to their site. Original and unique content is generated, and traditional writing strategies can still be employed and incorporated into this method. Aspects of writing, such as style, voice, proper spelling and grammar, and fluid sentences that move a reader along, are all still important for website content. An SEO content writer simply manages to incorporate those traditional elements of engaging and interesting writing into the needs of a business to draw readers to its website.


While the exact methods used by search engines to find relevant websites for a user are fairly complicated and mathematical in nature, the work performed by an SEO content writer helps ensure that a particular website can be more easily found by a search engine. Search engines have become more sophisticated in efforts to avoid websites full of advertisements and links, which simply have a particular keyword or phrase repeated numerous times or that simply displays lists of potential keywords. An SEO content writer works to create meaningful content that is helpful to a reader, while still using a keyword or phrase enough times to help search engines locate the website for a user. For example, in this article the phrase "SEO content writer" is used eight times to increase the likelihood a reader would find it.

Though the process of generating SEO content may be for financial purposes, as websites typically can charge more for advertising if they receive more hits and views, there is an altruistic motivation as well. An SEO content writer creates articles and blogs that help ensure people are actually able to find the information they are looking for. A webpage might have a great deal of knowledge and a wealth of information, but without the efforts of an SEO content writer, people looking for that information might never actually find it.



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