What Does an Online Producer Do?

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An online producer is responsible for creating various types of online content. For example, he may have the responsibility for creating graphics for use on websites or for writing content for placement online — he might also create and edit videos for online use. Sometimes, however, an online producer isn't only responsible for one aspect of a website; in some cases, he is responsible for all parts of a website, including its overall design and its functional elements, rather than just the content. The tasks a person with this title takes on are usually dependent on the needs of the website owner and the online producer's unique skills and areas of expertise.

Typically, a person who has the title of online producer is responsible for tasks related to websites. For example, he may create or obtain photographic images for use on websites or develop other types of images, such as graphs, charts, maps, or cartoons. In many cases, an individual with this title also has the responsibility of creating video content or audio content for a website. Additionally, he may develop or write his own scripts to create something unique for a website.


In many cases, an online producer also is responsible for creating text content for a website. This can include descriptions of products or services, or keyword articles that are meant to not only inform Internet users, but also draw them to the website. A person with this title may also produce creative stories, or he might research and write about news topics. Essentially, an online producer can be responsible for any type of writing that can be used on a website.

In some cases, an online producer isn't merely responsible for one type of web content or another. Instead, he may be responsible for an entire website. In such a case, this could include the images, video, audio, and written content that goes on a website as well as the site's design and navigation. If the website sells products and services, he may also have the responsibility of making sure customers can easily find and order them. Some people with this title are also responsible for monitoring and maintaining the sites on which they work.

It is important to note that not all online producers have the same job descriptions. Though they are all responsible for websites in some manner, the tasks they take on typically depend on the needs of their employers or clients. Job duties often depend on the content producer's areas of expertise as well.



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