What Does an IT Programmer Do?

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Computer programing is a technical job that requires a person to write software code. This code makes a computer program perform specific automated tasks. An IT programmer is a person who writes this computer software code. He typically has a degree in computer science or mathematics and has unique technical skills with software automation.

A good IT programmer should also have strong communication skills. This will help him define and explain what a program does. Communication skills include both verbal and written skills because a program is expected to write technical documentation.

Many types of software development techniques are used in programming. A programmer has experience with multiple types of development techniques. These techniques give him more options and tools to use during a software development project.

Software development is a complex engineering job that requires strong problem-solving skills. An IT programmer is expected to build and test his code to ensure it works properly. This requires him to understand basic design principles that include the best practices for building, testing, and deploying computer software code.

An IT programmer has experience in testing software. This typically includes steps for building and completing formal test plans. A programmer should test his code to ensure it works. This is a fundamental requirement for any software developer job.


Software version control techniques are important skills for an IT programmer. This is how a developer manages different versions of his code. He should have experience with automated version control tools to help him manage and save his code changes.

Programming also requires some basic skills in architecture and computer software design. An IT programmer is required to design program routines to satisfy specific automation requirements. This requires some basic understanding of computer design patterns.

A programmer is often required to write software code that communicates and works with peripheral devices. This includes printers, computer monitors, disk storage units, and many types of mobile devices. A software developer should have experience writing code that can run on many types of hardware.

Programs are written in specific programming languages. An IT programmer typically specializes in a one or more programming languages. This is similar to a doctor who specializes in a particular area of medicine. Programmers can become experts in mobile devices, screen development, or low-level operating systems. Each type of software requires specialized training and experience with specific programming languages, which makes him an expert in a specific domain.



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