What does an Immigration Adviser do?

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An immigration adviser gives advice and information to prospective immigrants about visa and work permit requirements as well as any legal issues that might arise during the process of immigration. An adviser can consult independently or be a part of immigration advisory agency that offers immigration services. Some immigration advisers are also immigration lawyers and are thus legally authorized to represent their clients and present their appeals.

During an initial discussion and consultation, an immigration adviser offers the tools and directions required for those who want to become permanent residents to understand and follow the proceedings for legal residency. No matter what the prospective client's goal or immigration status might be, an initial consultation with an immigration adviser will enlighten him or her about his or her standing in the process. An immigration adviser also will meet with the clients, understand their current circumstances, analyze the issues at hand and come to a decision about the best ways to proceed. Each client will have different needs, so an immigration adviser will assess the clients' expectations, immigration status and available papers, then recommend the best options for them.


Prospective immigrants are not always aware of the complete immigration laws of the country in which they want to legally remain, and they might unintentionally break a law. Immigration advisers will caution prospective immigrants about these types of problems. Laws regarding immigration are often revised without any warning, so an immigration adviser must update his or her clients about the ever-changing immigration laws, when it is necessary.

An immigration adviser will provide details about current immigration laws and opportunities, as well as the costs involved for the whole process. Ideally, he or she would also let his or her clients know of timelines involved, so that they can have adequate notice to start preparing their documentation. An immigration adviser often undertakes the processing of all immigration applications and other legal requirements. When clients are not well educated or aware of the laws, it is up to the adviser to make sure that he or she aids them in completing all the required forms and presenting the necessary documentation.

One very important part of the immigration process is the visa interview, and all prospective immigrants are expected to take it. Most of the clients are apprehensive about the interview procedure, and an immigrant adviser will use his or her expertise and experience to give tips and guidance for his or her. This allows the clients to attend their interviews with confidence.

After the visa has been obtained, there might be a different set of rules and procedures to be followed by the immigrants. Immigration help will usually consist of educating the clients to be aware of such procedures and prepare them for any contingencies that might arise. These can occur because of sudden changes or situations that might not even arrive until after the visa has been issued.



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