What Does an Email Marketing Specialist Do?

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An email marketing specialist is involved in increasing the success of a company’s email marketing campaign. This involves increasing the number of people who read the emails, known as the open rate, and the number of people who eventually take a positive action, such as making a purchase or signing up for something. Email marketing specialists also are involved in growing the company’s list of emails.

The primary role of an email marketing specialist is usually to maximize the response rate of an email marketing campaign. Email marketing involves sending emails to users who have agreed to receive information from a company or other organization. These emails often contain information about upcoming deals and offers, products that might interest the user and news about the company. The conversion rate, which is how many users ultimately buy a product, varies greatly depending on the combination of the content in the email, subject line and product being sold.

Many computer users receive a large number of emails every day and are naturally resistant to being sold products, so the first goal of an email marketing specialist is to get users to open their emails. The percentage of people who open an email can be increased by using a variety of techniques. An email marketing specialist should be skilled in understanding the interests and desires of a company’s target market to increase open rates.


Once the email has been opened, the next step for an email marketing specialist is to provide useful and interesting information to the user. In most cases, the specialist writes the email, or a series of emails, after receiving a briefing from the company’s marketing department. The ultimate goal of the company’s email marketing campaign should reflect the type of email sent. If, for example, a company simply wants to keep customers up to date with recent developments, then a monthly newsletter may be all that’s required. Companies that wish to sell products through email promotions are more likely to need an email specialist, because persuasive and professional email copywriting is essential.

Another part of an email marketing specialist’s job is to get users to sign up for email lists. This can be achieved via an independent sign-up form or a checkbox requesting permission to send promotional emails after a sale has been made. Email marketing specialists are adept at developing strategies for maximizing the number of people who join a promotional email list.



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