What Does an Air Conditioning Repairman Do?

An air conditioning repairman is a professional who is typically licensed and insured to repair air conditioning units in residential homes or businesses. The air conditioning repairman is also known as a repair technician. He generally receives training at a specialized school. Most air conditioning repairmen receive a degree in applied science.

To provide excellent service, the air conditioning repairman must be knowledgeable in the internal circuitry of air conditioning units. He may repair the heat pumps, compressors, and duct work of air conditioning systems. He often will work weekends and off-hours to provide emergency service.

An air conditioning repairman may face many issues in his daily job. He may need to fix an air conditioning coil that freezes up. He may be called in to rewire a thermostat that isn't working properly. He may also need to order specific parts for an air conditioner that is not operating efficiently. The air conditioning repairman's job often involves troubleshooting electrical problems.

In many cases, an air conditioning repairman will also provide duct work cleaning services. This generally means cleaning air ducts to expel dust and mold that may pose a health concern. This service may be part of routine maintenance.

The repairman does work on both central air units and window units. In addition to repair work, he may also do installation as well. As part of his duties, an air conditioning repairman may also perform evaluations. In most cases, he routinely inspects all air conditioning parts and performs diagnostic testing to find an effective solution. After repair work is completed, the repairman may offer advice on how to maintain an energy-efficient air conditioning system.

The air conditioning technician may also do refrigeration repairs. While not every air conditioning repairman works on refrigerator units, many are qualified and also work on plumbing and heating as well. He may also repair dehumidifiers and water coolers. This type of technician will generally be able to read blueprints, as this may be an essential part of his job.

Those who hire a repairman to restore an air conditioner are often concerned with safety issues as well. As part of his job, the technician must understand and follow safety regulations relevant to his work. He must abide by state and local ordinances.

There are various tools the air conditioning technician will use in his work. He needs to be skilled on the proper use of these tools and equipment. His repair work may also involve restoring faulty service equipment.


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