What Does a Transportation Technician Do?

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A transportation technician is a person who is primarily responsible for overseeing the shipment of merchandise. It's his duty to ensure that all products arrive at their intended destination safely and on time. Individuals in this field can work in numerous industries and may handle a wide variety of merchandise. Some of the most common job duties of a transportation technician include monitoring the packing of goods, tracking their shipment, managing subordinates, doing inventory and keeping warehouses safe and organized.

Before ever sending merchandise to customers or clients, it's important for a transportation technician to monitor the packing of goods. For example, he may do routine checks of product packing to make sure that all merchandise is packed according to company standards. This practice is especially important when dealing with fragile or expensive products, like electronics.

After goods have been packed and shipped out, a transportation technician must track each shipment to its destination. Most companies will use computer software to oversee each phase of the shipping process. As a shipment moves, its location will be updated so that the transportation technician will be aware of its coordinates. If merchandise is being shipped domestically, this may only take a few days. This will often take considerably longer for international shipments.


Another part of this job is continually managing subordinates to ensure adequate job performance. For example, a transportation technician may observe warehouse employees when packing and loading merchandise. He may also make sure that employees are familiar with driving forklifts and following safety protocol. In addition, he will often answer employee questions and provide assistance when necessary. Consequently, this job requires a person with solid leadership skills and the ability to efficiently communicate with others.

Doing inventory on a routine basis is also a common responsibility. In order to prevent monetary losses and keep track of merchandise, a transportation technician will typically check warehouse items and make sure that everything is accounted for. This practice ensures that the correct amount of merchandise is shipped and minimizes errors. To perform this duty effectively, individuals must have reasonable mathematical skills.

An additional aspect of being a transportation technician is keeping warehouses safe and organized. Following safety regulations is important because of the dangers involved with heavy machinery, like forklifts. As a result, the technician will check to make sure that a warehouse is clear of potential hazards that could lead to worker injuries. Along with this, he will need to maintain organization so that merchandise can be found quickly and without hassle.



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