What Does a Stable Master Do?

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A stable master normally works on a farm or at a boarding stable and is responsible for the care of equines and the maintenance of those facilities. Feeding, watering, and exercising are typical job duties of this professional, who is is usually called on to keep stalls clean and make simple repairs to doors and fences. Much of the work is performed outdoors and may involve a great deal of heavy lifting.

This worker is normally expected to perform certain types of basic care on a daily basis. Feeding and watering horses are two important stable master duties that are typically part of the daily routine. Should an animal have special dietary needs, the employee is normally responsible for making sure these requirements are adhered to as well.

Exercising horses on a regular basis can be one of the duties of a stable master. This is especially true if working in a boarding stable because the animals' owners may not be able to do so often. One of these workers should be proficient at riding equines and should have a gentle nature when working with especially stubborn animals. This professional should be familiar with how to place a saddle and bridle on a horse, as well as the proper way to groom an animal after the ride is over.


Maintenance is often an important part of a stable master job description. This could involve shoveling horse manure from pastures and stalls, sweeping stall and barn floors, and replacing old hay. In very large operations, there may be large sections of wood or concrete flooring, and the stable master may be responsible for sweeping and mopping these as well. Should some of the barn's doors or stall gates need repairs, this worker might be called on to replace or oil locks or hinges. Working as a part of a maintenance crew to patch holes in fences or replace pasture gates could also be part of the job description.

Deliveries of food, hay, or tack supplies may be unloaded by the stable master, which means heavy lifting is often required. The job also requires a great deal of walking and standing, so those interested in one of these jobs should be in excellent physical condition. Since much of the work is performed outdoors, being able to tolerate extremely hot or cold weather is also necessary in addition to a love and knowledge of horses.



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