What Does a Personal Advisor Do?

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The job duties of a personal advisor can vary depending on the type of advising he or she does. A personal financial advisor, for instance, might offer advice regarding investments, retirement funds, and budgeting for the present and the future. A different type of personal advisor, such as a life coach, might provide more general advice regarding goal-setting for health and well-being. Fitness advisors or trainers might work with people individually at a fitness center to set exercise and physical health goals, and teach clients how to create a program or do exercises to reach those goals. There are many different opportunities in the field of personal advising.

Financial advisors are some of the most common types of personal advisors. These people can offer advice for everything from paying off credit cards and setting up a monthly budget, to insurance and investment advice, though the latter is much more common. It is often the job of a financial advisor to seek out the types of investments his or her client is interested in, based on the threshold for risk they are willing to assume. The personal advisor might also offer advice on saving for retirement, diversifying accounts, and other types of specific financial advice for which it is helpful to hire an expert.


Life coaches are another type of personal advisor that many people find to be a useful part of their lives. An individual might hire a life coach if he or she is feeling stuck in a particular area, or wants to overhaul his or her whole life. A life coach might be able to offer personal advice on setting goals to pursue a new career or go back to school, to find a new, positive relationship, or to find ways to get more exercise, or eat a healthier diet to get back in shape.

A fitness advisor is a personal advisor who focuses specifically on physical health and fitness. Similar to a personal trainer, this individual will help to assess a client's existing physical abilities and then work with him or her to develop a program to improve them. The fitness advisor will also ask about the client's goals for weight loss and health, and try to keep those in mind when designing a program and teaching the client how to do certain exercises. For many people, the services of a personal advisor in one or more areas of life helps to get them back on the path they want to be on.



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