What Does a Mobile Auto Mechanic Do?

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Most auto mechanics work in a specific location and fix a wide variety of automobile types. This is advantageous for the mechanic because all the necessary tools are in one place and a clear work area has been created. A mobile auto mechanic, however, does not work in one set location and must transport his or her tools to various locations in order to complete jobs. A customer might need a mobile auto mechanic for several reasons, the most common of which is an inability to transport the disabled vehicle to the repair shop.

The mobile auto mechanic will generally be able to perform most, if not all, of the repairs any other mechanic can do, but the added challenge he or she must face is setting up an adequate workspace. The mobile auto mechanic will usually have a large van or truck in which he or she can transport all the necessary tools for the job, and the mechanic is likely to have some sort of temporary shelter that can be erected around the vehicle should he or she be required to work in inclement weather. This means the mechanic can come right to a person's home to perform a repair, or if the customer is stranded in a location, the mechanic can accommodate this difficulty.


Like other types of mechanics, the mobile auto mechanic may or may not be officially certified. It is not always necessary to become a certified mechanic to work in the industry, but the mobile auto mechanic should be able to provide some sort of qualifications, such as specific training, completion of an apprenticeship, or work experience in the field. The mechanic will need to have a valid driver's license, and in some cases he or she may be required to a commercial driver's license (CDL).

Sometimes the mobile auto mechanic will only work on certain types of vehicles. A diesel mechanic, for example, is specially trained to work exclusively on diesel engines, so he or she is likely to spend a significant amount of time traveling to construction work sites where diesel machines are likely to be used. A mobile motorcycle mechanic will work exclusively on motorcycles and in some cases all terrain vehicles (ATVs). Still other mechanics may focus exclusively on one brand of vehicle. These mechanics are often hired by that particular manufacturer. Many independent mechanics may focus on foreign cars or domestic cars only.



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