What does a Market Research Interviewer do?

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A market research interviewer is a person who is usually employed to gather information for third parties. In some instances, these individuals may work directly for the companies that need the information, but in many cases they are employed by agencies that are then contracted to perform these tasks. The manner in which these individuals do their jobs is often dependent upon the assignment, so they may need the ability to work in varying atmospheres. It is also usually important for these individuals to be fluent speakers of the language in which the research is conducted.

Anyone who has ever taken a survey should be able to easily understand the primary duties of a market research interviewer. These individuals are like live survey providers. They usually gather information about the attitudes, opinions, or experiences that people have had regarding a specific topic. For example, a company that provides low-calorie prepared meals may want to know if their products are actually effective and what factors consumers use to determine if they will buy them or not.

A market research interviewer should not be confused with a telemarketer. One of the most notable differences is that market research interviewers generally do not try to solicit products or services. Their primary aim is simply to collect some type of information.


There are a wide range of entities that may utilize the services of market research interviewers. These people are commonly employed full-time by market research agencies. Those agencies obtain clients such as public health agencies and consumer product suppliers. It is also possible that the interviewers may be directly employed by such businesses.

There are numerous ways that a market research interviewer may go about doing her job. Although telephone interviews are common, this is far from being the only method used to gather the desired information. These individuals may interact with people in shopping malls or at fairs. It is even possible that they may go door to door.

Some of these individuals may always perform their duties in one manner, such as by interacting with customers in a store. Other individuals holding this position may have to adjust their tactics depending on the current assignment. This means that it is often necessary for a person to be able to work in various types of atmospheres.

The requirements to be a market research interviewer can greatly vary depending on the employer. It is common, however, for an applicant to be required to be fluent in speaking and writing the language that is used to conduct the research. Good communication and social skills are usually requested.



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