What Does a Make-Up Beautician Do?

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A make-up beautician is an individual who has chosen a specific career path in the cosmetology field, which also encompasses hair and nail care. A make-up beautician, also referred to as a make-up artist, focuses specifically on applying cosmetic products to his or her clients in order to enhance beauty. This person may work independently, and visit clients at their homes in order to apply make-up before special events. He or she might also work as part of a salon or spa, or may be found at cosmetics counters at department stores or beauty supply stores where cosmetics are sold.

Typically, it will be necessary for anyone who wants to become a make-up beautician to attend vocational school to study this trade, and learn proper make-up application techniques as well as information regarding trends, styles, and uses of different colors. Individuals who will solely be working with make-up will generally not need to become licensed the way hairdressers or nail technicians will, but some beauticians will choose to become licensed anyway to improve their job prospects. This typically involves a practical exam after the completion of the vocational program, and is a final step before an individual can begin working.


Anyone working as a make-up beautician must have a thorough understanding of different types of cosmetic products, and how to use them to achieve a desired look. He or she also understands how to apply different colors and types of make-up to complement certain skin types or hair and facial coloring. The make-up beautician then applies this knowledge in his or her everyday work, which involves working one-on-one with clients, applying make-up, and teaching them how to do it themselves. Many people will hire a make-up beautician to come to their home and help them prepare for a special event, such as a wedding.

A make-up beautician may also work at a salon or spa, where clients will come in to receive professional make-up application. Again, this might occur before a wedding, or prior to a professional photo shoot. A make-up beautician who works at a department or beauty supply store will likely be responsible for meeting sales quotas each month, and as a result will need to recommend various products to people based on their desires and skin type. This type of beautician will likely also spend more time teaching people how to apply make-up on an everyday basis at home.



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