What does a Health Insurance Agent do?

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A health insurance agent assists people who want to purchase health insurance and related products. The agent may represent a single insurance company or a family of related companies. People can also opt to work with brokers who sell insurance from multiple companies, providing their clients with a wider array of choices.

Working with a health insurance agent can provide clients with access to plans they may not be aware of, as well as advice customized to their specific situations. While it is possible to buy insurance directly, it is usually no more costly to go through an agent, and it can generate significant long-term savings. Buying the right health insurance plan is very important, as people want to make sure that the services they may need will be covered. Working with an agent can avoid situations where people don't understand their plans and think that they are covered when they are actually not.

When customers approach a health insurance agent, the agent takes down basic demographic information, discusses their medical history, and talks about their needs. Issues that can come up include the desire to supplement an incomplete health plan, to replace an existing insurance policy, or to provide coverage for special situations like traveling. All of this information is pulled together by the agent to come up with a list of recommendations for the client.


The health insurance agent provides information about the plans that would be most suitable and how much they will cost. In addition to discussing premiums, the agent also discloses deductibles and co-pays to give people a complete understanding of how much their health insurance policy will cost. Agents also discuss the terms and conditions of the plan, such as limitations on covered procedures and providers. The goal is to provide the customer with information that will allow him or her to make an informed decision about the best health insurance plan for the situation.

When people need to make changes to their health insurance plans, they contact a health insurance agent to do this. Agents can also be involved when people are fighting the insurance company for benefits or have questions about the plan. Contacting a local agent with questions about whether or not specific medications, procedures, or providers are covered can be faster than contacting the headquarters of the insurance company, and the agent may have advice that the client will find helpful.



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