What does a Government Contract Lawyer do?

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A government contract is a legal and binding agreement between a government and another party who agrees to provide goods or services to the governmental agency. This type of contract can be created at the federal, state, county, district or local levels and is a necessary tool for every government agency wishing to receive goods and services from a business or individual. The contract basically details the specific goods and services that are needed and states the price that the government promises to pay for them. There are literally millions of government contracts up for grabs every year, covering a wide price range and a vast array of goods and services.

Many companies and businesses compete for these lucrative government contracts, but the details within them can be difficult to understand. They need to hire a government contract lawyer to help them sift through the paperwork. A government contract lawyer will be educated in the workings of government contracts and will be able to advise their clients as how to proceed. The company will expect the government contract lawyer to look through all of the details of the contract and then tell them what they need to do in order to comply with it.


The government agencies themselves also use government contract lawyers to prepare the contracts to be sent out. They will expect their contract lawyer to include all of the necessary details to protect the government from any adverse effects of the contract. The government will want their contract lawyer to understand all of the dealings of government contractual law and to provide them with the best contract possible. The government agencies themselves have to follow regulations for creating a contract with an outside company or business and they will need to have a contract written to ensure that all of those regulations will be complied with.

A government contract lawyer will rarely if ever see the inside of a courtroom, but with the high demand of government contracts there will always be plenty of work available. To enter this profession, one must have a law degree and some specialized training in government contracts. Many lawyers are able to work at their own law firm and still work as a government contract lawyer for a local company or for a government agency, which often happens at the county, district or local level.



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