What does a Fire Safety Consultant do?

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A fire safety consultant works with companies to ensure proper fire precautions are being taken in their office buildings. The consultant can help with the fire safety planning when the building is under construction and maintain the fire safety equipment every year. People in this role can also help to train employees on what to do in the case of an actual fire. Some fire safety consultants work at the scene to note the conditions of the fire.

When a building is being planned, a fire safety consultant goes over the blueprints to ensure that there are enough easily accessible exits in case of a fire. The consultant also helps to determine that building codes and fire codes are up to date. Consultants give clear directions on where to set up fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and other equipment used in a fire protection system.

After the building is erected with the proper fire codes, the fire safety consultant will come to the site to check all the fire equipment and make sure it is working properly. The consultant may come out every year to check the fire equipment and may conduct yearly fire drills. At that time, he can make recommendations about faulty equipment or upgrades the structure may need to continue to comply with the building codes.


Some companies use a fire safety consultant to hold safety trainings for their employees. The consultant may train the employees on fire safety issues such as how to use a fire extinguisher or how to get out of the building safely. These training sessions could be offered yearly to all employees.

Insurance companies will often hire a fire safety consultant to go out to a building site and check for proper fire safety equipment and building codes when they are thinking about insuring the building. The fire safety consultant will make a list of all the fire hazards or improper equipment and report back to the insurance companies. The building owner will then have to make the necessary changes before being insured.

Sometimes insurance companies will use a fire safety consultant at the scene of a fire. The consultant will help to determine the cause of the fire and other factors related to its occurrence. Lawyers will also use these consultants for litigation purposes. The consultant can report the amount of damage done by the fire and how much of the structure will have to be repaired.



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