What Does a Financial Sales Representative Do?

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A financial sales representative meets with prospective clients of a brokerage, bank, or insurance company to discuss products and services. The goal is to get the client to open an account and ensure that the services associated with the account will be adequate for the client’s needs. In addition, financial sales representatives are involved in up-selling and ongoing marketing to encourage people to buy more products and become more involved with the company. Qualifications to work in this field can vary, depending on the employer, but degrees in finance and related subjects can be very helpful.

In some cases, the financial sales representative works in a front office, responding to questions from customers who walk in or call for information. These customers are usually specifically seeking financial services, which provides an opening for opening an account and closing a deal to move the customer’s money to the company. While clients discuss products and services, a financial sales representative can provide information about different packages and options, and may also show how the offering stacks up against the competition. This can be important for clients with competing offers.


Companies can also send a financial sales representative to a home or business by request. For meetings involving large or complex accounts, this may be preferred, as it shows the client that the request for information is being taken seriously. For example, a company trying to decide which credit union it wants to work with to create specialized employee savings accounts could request information and meet with representatives in its own offices, rather than having to go to the credit union. The large size of the account merits a personal visit.

Other financial sales representatives may be involved in traveling sales. They tend to work with businesses, providing information and support to clients who install point of sale terminals or have need for other financial services. This can require much more marketing acumen, as the financial sales representative may be meeting people who didn’t solicit information or request services, and may not be interested. Once the salesperson establishes a client relationship, the client may also expect follow-up visits to check on the product, answer questions, and offer support.

A mixture of financial industry knowledge, customer service skills, and attention to detail is often helpful for a financial sales representative. The work can be busy and may require the ability to quickly switch between clients and tasks that may include direct sales, support, and assistance with questions from prospective clients. Some companies offer benefits to their staff, including options like retirement accounts and health insurance.



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