What Does a Enrollment Representative Do?

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An enrollment representative interacts with members of the public who wish to join a group or organization. Such positions can vary in nature. Some people work in education to enroll new students. Others represent benefits plans administered by insurance companies and other providers, getting customers signed up on the plan. It is also possible to work as an enrollment representative for a company that needs large numbers of vendors and other providers who need to sign up to start offering products and services.

Typically some customer service experience is required to work as an enrollment representative. Members of the public with an interest in joining can contact the representative directly to discuss the organization and the requirements. Someone working at a community college, for instance, can provide information about placement exams, funding assistance to cover tuition and other expenses, and what kinds of degrees and programs the institution offers. An enrollment representative seeking vendors to provide services to a company, on the other hand, may discuss the terms of vendor contracts and what kinds of needs the company has to help the vendor decide if it would be a good fit.


When a member of the public decides to join, the enrollment representative collects information to enter in the computer system. This includes name and contact information along with some demographic statistics. The generation of a specific record is the start of establishing a long-term relationship with the organization. They may also collect fees and premiums, or set up a billing account to allow the organization to generate bills for the customer. In the case of vendors expecting payment, this stage of the process includes establishing a payment method, like direct deposits into an account or checks sent upon invoicing.

One responsibility of an enrollment representative can involve public outreach and recruiting. People who contact an organization for information may be added to a mailing list to provide information, and the representative can follow up to see if they are still interested. Representatives may also table at fairs and other events to attract new members to the organization. They can work with other groups to boost enrollment as well. For example, an insurance representative might establish a contract with a company to help it provide benefits to employees.

Once people are enrolled, if they have problems, they work with other members of the company who can provide customer service. The enrollment representative usually coordinates with other staff to generate and maintain statistics. These can be important for activities like following up on the success of recruitment campaigns and determining how effectively the organization retains members.



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