What Does a Cryptozoologist Do?

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The duties of a cryptozoologist can vary quite a bit, depending on the particular type of work he or she does. In general, however, this position often involves a great deal of research to find various reports and case studies of different animal sightings. Many people who work in cryptozoology focus on biology or another form of zoology as a career, and pursue research and efforts to discover different animals or “cryptids” on their own time. There are also some situations in which a cryptozoologist can work in a more entertainment-oriented profession, such as hosts of television shows or as online personalities.

A cryptozoologist researches animals that are unverified and have not been proven to exist, often referred to as “cryptids.” This type of research can involve searching for mythological creatures such as Bigfoot, yetis, lake monsters, and various creatures that have been reported in a number of different areas over the years. Research to find these types of reports is one of the most important jobs of a cryptozoologist, since it usually helps him or her determine further action. This often includes reading various websites, looking at local and national newspapers from around the world, and otherwise finding reports of sightings of different creatures.


Once a credible report is found, then a cryptozoologist might contact the person who made the report for further information. This can involve traveling to a different city or country to talk to witnesses that saw a creature and determining the validity of a case. Field research and work can also be performed, such as taking molds from footprints, looking for physical evidence such as hair or droppings, and using cameras to try to document the existence of a creature. A cryptozoologist typically places a great deal of emphasis on going through this process carefully, using scientific research methods.

This type of research is not always financially reliable, however, and is rarely a pursuit that provides much long-term support for the cryptozoologist. Many researchers take on other work and focus on research in biology or zoology in general, making cryptozoology a hobby or secondary interest. There are some ways in which a cryptozoologist can make a living through his or her work, however, if he or she is willing to work in entertainment as well as science. Hosts of television programs and Internet blogs can find more financial support for their work, but since cryptozoological work can take years or decades to find results, if any results are even found, such pursuits may also lack long-term financial support.



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