What does a Computer Professor do?

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A computer professor may do one of many things involving with the education of students on the principles of computer technology, software, and practical computer usage. This can range from very basic information on how to use certain software to highly complex categories of study. The exact area of study will depend on the professor's specialties and the classes for which he has been hired to teach.

One area of study a computer professor may teach involves the use of basic computer programs that may be used in an everyday office environment. This type of study is usually reserved for students with very little prior computer experience, and may cover topics like typing in a word processing program and using the Internet. Often, the computer professor will teach this sort of class as well as more advanced topics.

Advanced specialties a computer professor may teach include programming, advanced web design, and network security. Each of these must be done by those who are highly skilled and educated in computer languages and networks. This requires that the computer professor be able to explain concepts in simple language that inexperienced students can understand, while still conveying the complexities of the subject matter.


Other computer professors may choose to teach students about the inner workings of the machines. This can include computer repair classes as well as maintenance and hardware upgrades. Although not as mentally complicated as programming and similar professions, computer repair is still high skilled work that should be handled by trained professionals. Professors who teach repair or maintenance may work in a traditional four-year university as part of an overall computer curriculum, or at specialized computer repair schools.

Many computer professors are experienced at working in the field in their chosen specialty. For example, a computer programming professor may spend many years working as a programmer before gaining specialized education and going on to teach the skill to students. This not only allows the professor to learn every aspect of a subject and its application in the workforce, but also practical information about working in the field. Students often benefit more if a teacher has both types of knowledge.

Computer professors are nearly always college educated, usually with a degree in the computer discipline they teach. He will also likely have met at least minimal teaching requirements. Additionally, a good professor should understand how to interact with students on a personal level as well as convey complex information in language that inexperienced lay people will understand.



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