What Does a Chief Customer Officer Do?

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A chief customer officer usually holds a senior position in a company and performs several duties that focus on how a company can do its best for its customers. The job title calls for someone who can determine what it is that customers want from an organization and can use that information to make the company more profitable. Chief customer officers also have to deal with any problem areas that may have led to disappointed customers and must work to solve any issues that could have a negative impact on customer sustainability. The main purpose of the position is to get a detailed view of customer needs and to use those needs to improve the company as a whole.

The primary goal of a chief customer officer is to improve the customers' experience by finding areas that need improvement and doing so. He or she will work with other executives in a company and usually deals with various departments. For example, he or she might meet with employees in marketing if there's a way to improve the customer's view of the company with a new marketing strategy. He or she could also work with customer service representatives to improve customer service and work on any deficiencies customers find with the service they receive. The job centers all of its goals on the customers.


A chief customer officer also acts as an innovator and often suggests new products and services that could improve the company's profitability. This can include creating plans and holding meetings to discuss why the product or service would help the company as a whole. Some chief customer officers rise to their position from a marketing position, so they might also suggest ways to market the new product or service and emphasize the best benefits the product or service has for the customer.

Another important duty of a chief customer officer is to act as a leader throughout the organization and to use teamwork to work toward his or her goals and strategies. A chief customer officer is usually responsible for groups of people across the organization and has to be able to motivate the group to meet the company's goals. The job is service oriented and also requires that the chief customer officer can handle working with both customers and employees to determine the areas that need improvement. From there, they can work as a team to improve the organization and its services.



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