What Does a Business Education Teacher Do?

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A business education teacher leads courses like accounting and budget management. These education professionals may work in high schools as well as colleges and universities to prepare students for a variety of activities in the business world. They can teach classes to provide basic skills to students as part of required coursework, as well as offering advanced business classes. This work requires a degree in business education, which can be obtained at a college or university.

On a day to day level, the tasks of a business education teacher can be split between classroom work, preparation, student meetings, and administration. In the classroom, the instructor works with varying numbers of students in business classes. Some courses involve the use of computers and other office equipment for hands-on learning in small groups, while others take a lecture format. The business education teacher may administer examinations, supervise class activities, and engage in other activities with the students.

Preparation of classroom materials and schedules is also an important part of the work. Business education teachers need to develop syllabi for their classes with detailed goals, schedules, and information about tests, papers, and grading. The syllabus must usually adhere to standards set by government agencies as well as the school itself. This can require periodic research to check on education standards, looking for changes that might require adjustments to syllabi to ensure that students are adequately prepared. Schools can loose their accreditation if regulators determine that students do not receive appropriate training.


Interactions with students outside the class are also an important part of the work for a business education teacher. Students may request meetings to get advice on a variety of topics, from test preparation to the possibility of majoring in business. The teacher can review tests and papers with students to discuss scores, and may meet with struggling students to help them develop a plan for tackling sliding grades or problems in class. Many hold regular open office hours and may schedule meetings for people who need to meet at a special time.

Administrative work like preparing and submitting grades and attending faculty meetings is another aspect of the job. A business education teacher may have varying degrees of responsibility, depending on status at the school; full time instructors, for instance, need to be available for more meetings and events. These teachers may also need to attend conferences and professional development opportunities to keep up with the field and make professional connections.



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