What Do Strategic Marketing Consultants Do?

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Strategic marketing consultants are typically responsible for working with clients to determine where their strategic marketing needs may lie, and addressing those needs as appropriate. This work can include a great deal of research to determine any weaknesses or flaws in a company's marketing plan. Additional work often includes designing marketing strategies and approaches that a business can use, and then pitching that approach to individuals within a company. Strategic marketing consultants often work with a number of other individuals to design a strategy and provide clients with an approach to advertising and marketing that is effective and responsible.

One of the major tasks performed by strategic marketing consultants is discussion with clients to determine the types of marketing or advertising needs they may have. This often requires excellent communication skills on the part of the consultant, as well as the ability to think creatively and dynamically. Many companies may not even recognize flaws or weaknesses that they have in their approach to marketing, which instead are often found by strategic marketing consultants. It is, therefore, the responsibility of these consultants to not only solve problems that businesses may have, but to help identify those problems in a productive manner.


Strategic marketing consultants are also typically responsible for creating overall plans and concepts for approaching advertising and marketing for a client. This is the problem-solving phase of consultation, and can include a great deal of research regarding the market in which a client operates. A consultant may need to understand a wide array of different industries and fields, in order to better recognize what a client’s competitors have done to become successful. Strategic marketing consultants also tend to perform a great deal of research and ongoing learning about new methods of advertising, to ensure they stay ahead of trends and provide clients with new ideas.

One of the most important traits that many strategic marketing consultants have is the ability to successfully work with others and lead teams on a project. Consultants often rely on the work of others, including graphic designers and other professionals in marketing and advertising, in order to create a fully realized and successful plan for a client. Communication between different groups, as well as time and budgetary management, can be vital components of the work that strategic marketing consultants provide. It is also important that marketing consultants understand ways in which advertising and marketing impact different social groups and demographics, to ensure that these campaigns are effective and viewed as responsible by both competitors and consumers.



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