What do Interior Design Firms do?

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Interior design firms offer services that have to do with the creation of a functional and visually appealing interior of a building. Design firms may specialize in solutions for the home, or focus on the creation of interior design schemes for public buildings or workplaces. Interior designers may be involved in the actual creation of the room itself during the construction phase, or be called in to handle the general decorating and select furnishings and accessories for a new or existing structure.

When interior design firms are involved with the actual creation of the building, the designers will often work with the clients and the architects to come up with the layout of the rooms within the structure. This approach allows the designer to have some input into where doors windows, and various types of wall and ceiling elements are placed. Designers also have the chance to secure the necessary furnishings and accessories while the building is under construction, and can help oversee painting and the installation of any wall coverings, as well as hardware on doors and windows.


More often, interior design firms are called upon to breathe new life into the décor of an existing structure. Within a home setting, the interior designer may be commissioned to work on specific rooms, or create an entirely new look for the home’s interior space. This may involve making the most of the current structural elements of the interior, although some designers are adept at moving or modifying walls in order to create a more functional and visually appealing room or series of rooms.

With house interior design, the designer is likely to create a master design that includes the selection of colors, fabrics, furnishings, and accessories. Designers often oversee the installation of new window treatments, wall coverings, and new light fixtures. Along with furniture selection, designers also manage the placement of the major pieces, then introduce ancillary pieces and accessories into the space to complete the look.

The same general principle applies when interior design firms take on a project for a business client. Designers evaluate the current condition of a given space, such as offices or conference rooms, get an idea of what type of arrangement would be more visually appealing as well as promote efficiency within the workplace, and set about the task of implementing those changes. As with home decorating, the changes are likely to include the introduction of new furnishings, different colors, and a wider range of textures.

Traditional interior design firms are increasingly offering a new option, interior re-design, as part of their services. Essentially, this approach calls for utilizing furniture and accessories that are already in the possession of the client. The idea is to spend very little money for the project, while still achieving a new look that will please the client.



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