What Crimes are Associated with Felony 2?

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Creating a comprehensive list of Felony 2 crimes is not possible because not all jurisdictions uniformly categorize which crimes should fall into this class or how they should be punished. Moreover, there are many jurisdictions that don’t use a number classification system for crimes and instead use letters, like Class A, B, C, and et cetera. Though it would make sense to think that Class B would correspond roughly with Felony 2, this isn’t always the case. What can be said about Class 2 felonies, in most instances, is they are less serious crimes than Class 1 felonies, but they can still be very serious and are sometimes punishable with life in prison or minimums of 20-year sentences.

Felony 1 crimes typically include things like murder and rape. Felony 2 crimes generally represent a step down from this but may include charges such as aggravated assault, arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and some forms of manslaughter that could include killing someone while driving under the influence. Soliciting minors online, participating in any form of human trafficking, possessing large amounts of certain drugs for sale and distribution, and other crimes may be included.


Many of the Felony 2 crimes are so serious they involve prison sentences that are lengthy. Some regions demand that people convicted of these crimes be sentenced to at least 20 years in prison. On the other hand, this can vary significantly. A felony 2 crime might only earn three to seven years in prison, and there could be some leniency with a strong defense, and if the crime was not violent.

There are clearly some crimes listed above that are less violent than others. If courts have the ability to be lenient, which depends on criminal laws in the region, some people may receive reduced sentences. Other crimes, like assault with a deadly weapon or arson, that threatens the lives of others or injures them are less likely to result in any reduction in sentencing and are more likely to cause maximum sentencing.

What people really need to understand about Felony 2, Class B or other felony categorizations is that felonies are always serious crimes and anything considered Class 2, or something similar, are some of the most egregious crimes that can be committed. Anyone convicted of a Class 2 felony can expect a significant jail sentence.

The serious nature of these crimes and their offense against others living in the society isn’t likely to result in leniency. Good representation is needed to defend against these crimes in court, and in some instances, defense attorneys are able to work with prosecutors to reduce charges to lower class felonies, in exchange for a guilty plea.



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a friend of mine was charged with counterfeit money, about forty dollars. he didn't receive any jail time. the judge said he would get back in touch about six months later, but he wasn't called back to court. that was about 12 years ago. will this charge show on his public record, if he is seeking a job?

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