What Causes Tendinitis?

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Tendinitis is a condition that is created by some type of irritation or inflammation of the tendon. Since tendons are the connecting tissue that adheres muscles to the skeletal structure of the body, this inflammation can be extremely painful. Tendinitis can come about as the result of certain types of physical activity and exertion, as well as be the product of other health ailments that are creating adverse effects on other parts of the body as well as the tendons.

One of the most common causes of tendinitis is overexertion. When the muscles become strained due to heavy lifting or any movements that place the muscles and tendons into unnatural positions, there is a chance of straining the tendons and creating temporary irritation. Repeated activity of this nature may inhibit the ability of the tendons to recover from each episode and lead to tendon inflammation. When this is the case, it is often necessary to visit a physician and obtain medication to help reduce the swelling and the discomfort while the tendons heal.

Tendinitis may also be the result of some type of accident. Trauma to the body often includes twisting muscles or portions of the skeletal structure into positions that place a great deal of strain on the tendons. When this occurs, the effect is the same as with heavy lifting and bending; the tendons become inflamed and require rest and sometimes medication in order to heal.


The process of aging may contribute to the development of tendinitis. As the body ages, the ability of the tendons to remain strong and supple decreases slightly. The end result is that activities that once produced little or no pain or irritation to the tendons now produces a great deal. In some cases, curtailing those activities is the most effective means of reducing the inflammation and eliminating the pain.

Ailments that impact the joints and muscles of the body may also lead to the development of tendinitis. Various forms of arthritis may trigger infection and inflammation in the tendons, resulting in a great deal of pain. While treating the root cause of the inflammation will often help over time, it is not unusual for physicians to also directly treat the tendinitis while also addressing the underlying ailment.

Tendinitis can develop in any muscle group around the body. However, it is commonly associated with the elbows, wrists, heels, and shoulders. When treated promptly, it is possible to minimize or even eliminate the pain of tendinitis by taking medication and making a few simple adjustments in lifestyle.



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