What can I do to Prevent Glaucoma?

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While it is generally not possible to prevent glaucoma, once the condition is diagnosed the effects can be minimized. The best way to prevent glaucoma from causing serious damage is to have regular eye exams. If the condition is caught early, treatments are much more effective. Exercising on a frequent basis can reduce pressure on the optic nerve and help prevent glaucoma. You should also try to maintain the general health of your eyes and protect them whenever possible.

The earlier the condition is diagnosed, the quicker treatment can begin, which decreases the chance of loss of vision. For this reason, you should have regular checkups with an eye doctor. Before the age of 40, a checkup every couple of years is probably enough, but as you get older the tests should become more frequent.

If you believe you’re at a high risk from developing glaucoma, yearly appointments may be required. Those with diabetes are thought to be at an increased risk, as well as people who have a family history of the condition. When getting an eye exam, make sure you check with the doctor about performing glaucoma screening tests.


Loss of vision is usually a gradual process with most types of glaucoma. If treatment begins before significant damage has taken place, the effects can be minimized. As it is not possible to prevent glaucoma completely, trying to stop the symptoms from developing is the next best approach. Medication to prevent glaucoma effects are commonly used, with the aim of reducing pressure on the optic nerve. In some cases, surgery is needed.

Although there is no proven way to prevent glaucoma, there are things you can do to potentially reduce the chances of getting it. Exercising each week will not only increase your general health, but it has also been shown to reduce pressure on the optic nerve. You don’t have to become an athlete, or exercise for long periods every day, but a moderate increase in fitness levels can make a difference.

Glaucoma can also be caused by a direct trauma injury, so it’s important to give your eyes adequate protection. If, for example, you play a sport such as racquetball or squash, wearing goggles can prevent the ball from causing potential damage. Eye injuries can occur in a range of different situations, so if there is the chance of small flying objects, like in a do it yourself (DIY) project, protection is essential.



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