What can I do About Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy?

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There are number of women who don’t know what to do about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. The issue should not be taken lightly, but it also isn’t necessarily indication of problems. For women, the best way to approach this is to understand when to contact a doctor or when it’s considered relatively safe to wait. These guidelines may be of use and answer the question of what to do about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.

A relatively high incidence of some bleeding during the first trimester occurs. In a lot of circumstances, particularly if this bleeding is light, it’s not of great concern. Any form of spotting, for instance, that is present for no longer than 24 hours and that is not painful is worth mentioning to doctors at the next prenatal visit. If a visit hasn’t occurred yet, it’s a good idea to schedule one and mention the spotting at time of scheduling.

If bleeding lasts longer than a day and if it’s heavier, more like a menstrual period, it may be more serious. This needs to be brought to a doctor’s attention right away, and could call for an emergency call to a physician if the bleeding during pregnancy comes with cramping in the lower abdomen or back, or if fever or chills are occurring. These can suggest problems like infection or miscarriage that may require immediate intervention.


While a little spotting may occur in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, the second trimester is less associated with this issue. Any bleeding, however light, warrants a call to the doctor, and this call should be made soon after the bleeding is noted. Again the symptoms of miscarriage or infection should be reported right away, and this means women with heavy or light bleeding, cramps or fever should call a doctor right when symptoms occur.

There is additional concern regarding what to do about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy that happens during the last trimester, especially if it occurs before a woman is less than three weeks away from her due date. It could signify pre-term labor or other conditions, and, again, light or heavy, needs to be reported right away to a doctor. The doctor may want women to head to the hospital or come to the office for an exam to determine potential problems.

A time when doctors feel there is nothing vital to do about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is when it is expected, at some point during the last few weeks. Some bleeding, often combined with mucus, is a natural sign as the body gets ready for labor. This could occur several days before labor, and some women don’t notice it because it occurs while they’re already laboring in the hospital. Called the bloody show, this is an expected symptom, but heavy bleeding is absolutely not. Should bleeding like a menstrual period begin to occur, this also warrants immediate contact with a doctor for instructions.

One thing women should not do about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is use tampons. Instead, women should use a sanitary pad. Since a few of these will be needed after pregnancy, consider investing in a box or package of overnight pads. Women should also seek guidelines from doctors on other vaginal penetration, including intercourse, if they notice any form of bleeding during pregnancy.



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I am the proud parent of six children and yes, you could be pregnant even though you have a period. I had that happen when i was pregnant with my third child, for my whole pregnancy. I hope this information was helpful.

Rupesh Pawani
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i did take a pregnancy test last month, after my first weird period, but it was negative. i am going to wait until thursday (doctor's appointment) to do another. i don't want to do another at home just in case it's negative, but i was hoping someone would have experiences weird like periods / bleeds and found out they were pregnant.

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