What Are Work Affirmations?

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Work affirmations are positive statements one says in relation to the work environment or tasks one does. They are supposed to help workers maintain a positive view of where they work and what they do. Some businesspeople believe this positive view impacts productivity.

People are supposed to say work affirmations multiple times a day, similar to other affirmations. The idea is that, in order for the work affirmation to really work, one must repeat the statement in order for the subconscious mind to accept it. There is no right or wrong time to do the repetitions, however. Many people enjoy repeating their work affirmations prior to the start of their shifts, but saying them after work also can refocus any negative feelings events the shift may have created.

A major problem with work affirmations is that simply saying the affirmations alone does not guarantee a person will feel better about his job. If a person consciously or subconsciously believes something that runs contrary to the work affirmation, the mind may reject the concept behind the statements. This means that, in order for the work affirmation to be useful, the person repeating the affirmation has to on some level be willing to accept the affirmation as truth.


On the intrapersonal level, work affirmations sometimes help workers to reduce or eliminate stress related to their jobs. The reduction or elimination of stress physically has an impact on workers in some cases, because stress is linked to health issues such as high blood pressure, migraines and fatigue. Companies often support the use of work affirmations because healthier workers translate into fewer missed work days and lower insurance coverage costs.

Work affirmations also can influence interpersonal relationships on the job. When a person becomes more positive as the result of doing affirmations, they often treat others with a higher degree of respect. They work well in teams and are open-minded. When trying to problem-solve, positive workers do not readily concede defeat and try to look outside the box to find a solution. This is a good thing from the company's standpoint because the business does not have to spend as much time or money resolving conflicts.

When workers are healthy and work well with others, productivity may increase at a business. The increased productivity in turn can translate into increased revenue and profit. This sometimes can make the difference between a business surviving and having to fold.

There is no one affirmation or set of affirmations that is best. Each worker has different beliefs and job tasks, so work affirmations must be tailored to the situation. For instance, a truck driver might use "Nothing will slow me down on the road today" as an affirmation, while a doctor may use something such as "What I see in my patients will teach me more about patience and humanity." The only real requirement is that the affirmation should express something that the worker wants to happen or become reality.



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